Sunday, October 14, 2007

Things about Chicago I will NEVER forget!

* Ben plotting endlessly how to get around thousands of people and arriving at our destination "in time."
* Lennix always smiling. Always always always. Holding on to her stroller for dear life as we pushed her through the streets of Chicago up and down subway stairs- still with her bow perfectly in place
* New running shoes for Suey purchased at the Expo. I haven't had a new pair of running/walking shoes in over 10 years!! Costo Court Classics last forever right?
* Mile 9- got Suzy's call saying Sharalyn and her seperated. Shar had no fuel, no phone. She was on her own.
* Mile 13- Finding Sharalyn amidst thousand of spectators. Fueling her body she was ready to run this marathon alone. Still had no phone. Still no way to make contact.
* Mile 13- (10 minutes later)- Got the phone call from Shannon. "Mom, where are you? I can't do this anymore. I need water and a banana- my legs are cramping so bad. You said you would be there? I can't find you." How did she slip by?
* Mile 17- Steve didn't think we could make it to mile 17 in time but WE HAD TO! We did it. And with time to spare.
*Miles 17- Found Sharalyn in a crowd (a miracle in itself) of thousands. A lone but pressing forward and happy and looking strong!
* Mile 17 (2 minutes after Sharalyn) Jared and Shannon find us in the crowd. All 3 of my kids deciding to run this race together. At last. A coincidence? An answered prayer? I know. All 3 determined to finished, revitalized, words of encouragment flowing everywhere.
* Mile 22- Getting the phone call saying the race had been stopped. They were told to stop and go back to the finish. They were waiting in a long line for a bus to take them to the finish line. Walking with thousands of runners on every street. Getting on the bus.
* Accidentally?? Metting up with the kids on Michigan Street outside of the Subway sidewalks filled with families, friends- each sharing their own stories.
*Sharalyn puts her medal around my neck saying: "This is all I have, but I want you to have it. I coudn't have done it without you Mom. WE FINISHED THE RACE. The last 4 miles were walking but the best 4 miles I've ever run."
*Jared-he's the tread beneath Shannons running shoes. :P
*Shannon had finally accomplished her goal! Never waivering towards her final destination.
*And last but not least- walking down Michigan Avenue the 3 of us. Shannon, Sharalyn and Suey. Walking with our arms around eachother- priceless. Shannon, Jared, and Sharalyn were REAL winners that day. But they were already winners long before that day ever happened. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING AND INSPIRING. Thanks for the ride. Joyous.

PS- Anyone in the mood for a Peep? Because I could sure use one right about now....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is our life. (minus 2 more in Texas) We love being grandparents!! More blogs to come in the future...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We're up and running!

Just created our blog site...looking forward to hearing from members of the family!!